13 Oct 2010


ink on paper, sketch for a wall

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Building society/oil on canvas/100x65cm/London 2009

War, Injustice, my mum killed/oil on canvas/160x90cm/London 2009

The Harvest/oil on canvas/110x100/london 2009

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All the exhibitions are published in catalogues and magazines.


                 From 03/11/2010 to 03/12/2010: Maschio Angioino: L’ Arte della Fuga, curated by Peppe  Palomba
                     09/2010: Ostrale- Dresden (DE) performance evening. Performance: Insights with Johanne Timm
                     08/2010: Magma Artist, collective curated by Paolo Feroce
                     07/2010: Artcevia –Arcevia (Marche-Italia), Collective exhibition in Arcevia (AN-Italy) curated by Massimo Nicotra.
                     07/2010: Biennial of young artist in Moscow, performance in collaboration with Johanne Timm: Insights
                 07/2010: Artcevia –Arcevia (Marche-Italia), Painting performance for the white Night in Arcevia, curated by Massimo Nicotra.
                 06/2010: Ne√ľkolln 48 Stunden, Berlin (DE): Cell 63 art Gallery,performance: Diagramer
                 1/12/2009 al 30/12/2009: Solo exhibition, retrospective, curated by Aus-Galerie (Rome).
                 15/09/2009: collective in Berlin: Mit den Augen der anderen.

                 20/11/2009 al 29/11/2009: Foyer of Theatre G. D’ annunzio, Latina (Roma). Solo exhibition on “Post-Stencilism”, curated by Aus-Galerie e rappresented by Foundation of culture of the city of Latina (Rome). (articles published in news papers, brochures and on television).

                10/2009:  Frieze art fair (London). Project: “Impossible Exchange” work Selected by Brina Thurston: “War, Injustice, My Mum Killed.

               12/2009: Spazio Ripicche, Milano (Italy). project: VDA-umbrella-Dress; title: Anti-Malaria

               11/2009: Museo Borgogna, Vercelli (TO), Italy. project: VDA-umbrella-Dress; title: Anti-Malaria

               10/2009:  Museo Leone, Vercelli (TO, Italy). project: VDA-umbrella-Dress; title: Anti-Malaria

               08/2009: The Gallery at Willesden Green: work diplayed: anti-Nativity (oil and collage on canvas, cm165x50).

               08/2009: Ar(T)cevia: international art festival (AN). Work displayed:
Ipotesi di comunicazione, London 2007/ Oil on canvas/cm175x165

               From 06 to 08 2009: PopUP Ancona-Urban Space-arte contemporanea. Ancona (Italy).
                  Works dispayed: serigraphy of: war, Injustice, my mother killed.

                 07-08/2009 DE Industria: workshop and exhibition.Museum of Architecture, Fermignano (Italy). Work made out of scrap metal and electrical cables (4mt sculpture, title “Dream Catcher”);

             17/06/2009/2009 VDA, vestiti d’ arte: 
                 workshop in Vercelli, Biella and Prato (Italy).
                 2009 concorso ”MI MANIFESTO”. event in June 2009 Ancona-Italy;
               05/2009   Arteinscacco, Cocept 108: mural competition situated in Vercelli (MI) Italy, 2nd prize
                  06/2009 Exhibition In Desio, Milano-Sala Levi. 
              Work exhibited: “Il Giorno della Civetta” (Oil on         canvas/95x100cm) FIRST PRIZE;
                  01/2009       (Nettuno, Rome, Italy) SanGallo Castle:
                   Work exhibited: birth and protection: oil on canvas 160cm by 145cm
                 09/2008        Collective Exhibition at  Castle of Rivoli, (TO) Italy.
                   Work exhibited: the history of Rivoli: Acrylic and collage on canvas 3m by170cm

03/2008       Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti di Torino, Italy.
                          L’oggetto del Design nell’ Ambiente’
              03/2008    Video.it 9 edizione. L'oggetto del design nell'ambiente.
                           Opere esposte: ‘Arkeotheatre’ ‘Piscina Mirabilis’, (Video 4’)
              06/2008         Fabbrica del Vapore Milano (Italy). Screenings
                             Work exhibited: ‘Arkeotheatre’ Antro della Sibilla’, (Video 4’).
             06/2008          Supermegadrops4, Liceo Artistico statale Bruno Munari (Italy), Screenings


09/2010: Ostrale- Dresden (DE) performance evening. Performance: Insights with Johanne Timm
07/2010: Biennial of young artist in Moscow, performance: Insights
14/11/2009   ICA: Performer for “Teppich” by Ei Arakawa
22/10/2009   Dancer for Bloomsberg theatre, Imagine a Spectacle (London-Uk)
07?2009        A foundation Performer for Lundhal and sehiti’ project / (London-UK)
07/2009        Southwork playhouse. Performance with Blue Bag
07/2009        Shunt, London. Performance with Blue Bag
07/2009        Montegue arms. Performance with Blue Bag
07/2009        Barbican: [f1] Radical Nature. Performer and dancer for a project by Bash studios in London Happening all around London and Barbican.
04/2009        Performance at Stratford Circus Theatre (performers supporter), London-Uk. Choreography by Alesandra Seutin/ Name of the event: Vocab dance.

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 [f1]Ricordati di specificare sempre la citta’. Mettila tu che sai dove sono.


Biography Riccardo Attanasio
Born in Naples in 1982, Riccardo Attanasio studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli specializing in Design.
After graduating from University he left to live and work in London where he built his first atelier. During his first year in London he studied at Camberwell University of art where he graduated in “Facilitating learning”, in order to teach people in the neighbourhood painting and sculpture techniques.
In 2009 he founded a new artistic style titled: “Post-Stencilism”, a fresh style that comes from his own experience and his travels. Infact Attanasio has travelled to Cuba, New York, India, Laos, Thailand, Morocco, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Russia, Eastern Europe, central and western Europe. His travels have enriched his style and content of his work.
From 2008 he has displayed performance, video art and paintings around Europe. In Italy he displayed in Rivoli Castle (TO); Accademia di Belle Arti di Torino (TO); Fabbrica del Vapore (MI); Pop Ups (AN); Palazzo Merigliano (NA); Accademia di Belle Arti (NA); Theatre D´Annunzio (Solo Exhibition (LT-Rome); Leonardo Sciascia (First prize MI). De Industria (Marche), VDA, Milan, Prato, Museo Leone (Vercelli) etc.
He also displayed In Belgrade (Serbia) 3 times in 2010, Berlin in Gallery Cell63, Japan for Kirin in 2009,Turkey for the Istanbul Biennial as a beside Biennial artists and he performed in Moscow for the biennial.
Attanasio collaborates in London with Trespass magazine, Undiscovered artists (from the college of Communication-London), Goldsmiths College, Frieze art fair (displaying a Painting for a project by Brina Thurston), The Foundry and Isis School of English.
Attanasio is also a poet and dancer, inspired by travelling, body weather, lines and surfaces. He works on a series of performances called “Diagramer” which he performed in “48h Neuk√∂lln” in June 2010 in Berlin. His sculpture-dress and performance “Umbrella-project” was shown in Milan and got invited to “Ostrale” Dresden in September 2010 performing a collaborative work with the artist Johanne Timm under the name of Actionentropy.
“Actionentropy” was founded by Riccardo and the dancer/choreographer Johanne Timm in 2010 in Berlin and researches new art and performance. The first performance project “Insights” was invited to the Ostrale Dresden and to the International Biennial Moscow in July2010.