13 Oct 2010

curriculum vitae


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                 From 03/11/2010 to 03/12/2010: Maschio Angioino: L’ Arte della Fuga, curated by Peppe  Palomba
                     09/2010: Ostrale- Dresden (DE) performance evening. Performance: Insights with Johanne Timm
                     08/2010: Magma Artist, collective curated by Paolo Feroce
                     07/2010: Artcevia –Arcevia (Marche-Italia), Collective exhibition in Arcevia (AN-Italy) curated by Massimo Nicotra.
                     07/2010: Biennial of young artist in Moscow, performance in collaboration with Johanne Timm: Insights
                 07/2010: Artcevia –Arcevia (Marche-Italia), Painting performance for the white Night in Arcevia, curated by Massimo Nicotra.
                 06/2010: Neükolln 48 Stunden, Berlin (DE): Cell 63 art Gallery,performance: Diagramer
                 1/12/2009 al 30/12/2009: Solo exhibition, retrospective, curated by Aus-Galerie (Rome).
                 15/09/2009: collective in Berlin: Mit den Augen der anderen.

                 20/11/2009 al 29/11/2009: Foyer of Theatre G. D’ annunzio, Latina (Roma). Solo exhibition on “Post-Stencilism”, curated by Aus-Galerie e rappresented by Foundation of culture of the city of Latina (Rome). (articles published in news papers, brochures and on television).

                10/2009:  Frieze art fair (London). Project: “Impossible Exchange” work Selected by Brina Thurston: “War, Injustice, My Mum Killed.

               12/2009: Spazio Ripicche, Milano (Italy). project: VDA-umbrella-Dress; title: Anti-Malaria

               11/2009: Museo Borgogna, Vercelli (TO), Italy. project: VDA-umbrella-Dress; title: Anti-Malaria

               10/2009:  Museo Leone, Vercelli (TO, Italy). project: VDA-umbrella-Dress; title: Anti-Malaria

               08/2009: The Gallery at Willesden Green: work diplayed: anti-Nativity (oil and collage on canvas, cm165x50).

               08/2009: Ar(T)cevia: international art festival (AN). Work displayed:
Ipotesi di comunicazione, London 2007/ Oil on canvas/cm175x165

               From 06 to 08 2009: PopUP Ancona-Urban Space-arte contemporanea. Ancona (Italy).
                  Works dispayed: serigraphy of: war, Injustice, my mother killed.

                 07-08/2009 DE Industria: workshop and exhibition.Museum of Architecture, Fermignano (Italy). Work made out of scrap metal and electrical cables (4mt sculpture, title “Dream Catcher”);

             17/06/2009/2009 VDA, vestiti d’ arte: 
                 workshop in Vercelli, Biella and Prato (Italy).
                 2009 concorso ”MI MANIFESTO”. event in June 2009 Ancona-Italy;
               05/2009   Arteinscacco, Cocept 108: mural competition situated in Vercelli (MI) Italy, 2nd prize
                  06/2009 Exhibition In Desio, Milano-Sala Levi. 
              Work exhibited: “Il Giorno della Civetta” (Oil on         canvas/95x100cm) FIRST PRIZE;
                  01/2009       (Nettuno, Rome, Italy) SanGallo Castle:
                   Work exhibited: birth and protection: oil on canvas 160cm by 145cm
                 09/2008        Collective Exhibition at  Castle of Rivoli, (TO) Italy.
                   Work exhibited: the history of Rivoli: Acrylic and collage on canvas 3m by170cm

03/2008       Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti di Torino, Italy.
                          L’oggetto del Design nell’ Ambiente’
              03/2008    Video.it 9 edizione. L'oggetto del design nell'ambiente.
                           Opere esposte: ‘Arkeotheatre’ ‘Piscina Mirabilis’, (Video 4’)
              06/2008         Fabbrica del Vapore Milano (Italy). Screenings
                             Work exhibited: ‘Arkeotheatre’ Antro della Sibilla’, (Video 4’).
             06/2008          Supermegadrops4, Liceo Artistico statale Bruno Munari (Italy), Screenings


09/2010: Ostrale- Dresden (DE) performance evening. Performance: Insights with Johanne Timm
07/2010: Biennial of young artist in Moscow, performance: Insights
14/11/2009   ICA: Performer for “Teppich” by Ei Arakawa
22/10/2009   Dancer for Bloomsberg theatre, Imagine a Spectacle (London-Uk)
07?2009        A foundation Performer for Lundhal and sehiti’ project / (London-UK)
07/2009        Southwork playhouse. Performance with Blue Bag
07/2009        Shunt, London. Performance with Blue Bag
07/2009        Montegue arms. Performance with Blue Bag
07/2009        Barbican: [f1] Radical Nature. Performer and dancer for a project by Bash studios in London Happening all around London and Barbican.
04/2009        Performance at Stratford Circus Theatre (performers supporter), London-Uk. Choreography by Alesandra Seutin/ Name of the event: Vocab dance.

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 [f1]Ricordati di specificare sempre la citta’. Mettila tu che sai dove sono.

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