13 Oct 2010


Biography Riccardo Attanasio
Born in Naples in 1982, Riccardo Attanasio studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli specializing in Design.
After graduating from University he left to live and work in London where he built his first atelier. During his first year in London he studied at Camberwell University of art where he graduated in “Facilitating learning”, in order to teach people in the neighbourhood painting and sculpture techniques.
In 2009 he founded a new artistic style titled: “Post-Stencilism”, a fresh style that comes from his own experience and his travels. Infact Attanasio has travelled to Cuba, New York, India, Laos, Thailand, Morocco, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Russia, Eastern Europe, central and western Europe. His travels have enriched his style and content of his work.
From 2008 he has displayed performance, video art and paintings around Europe. In Italy he displayed in Rivoli Castle (TO); Accademia di Belle Arti di Torino (TO); Fabbrica del Vapore (MI); Pop Ups (AN); Palazzo Merigliano (NA); Accademia di Belle Arti (NA); Theatre D´Annunzio (Solo Exhibition (LT-Rome); Leonardo Sciascia (First prize MI). De Industria (Marche), VDA, Milan, Prato, Museo Leone (Vercelli) etc.
He also displayed In Belgrade (Serbia) 3 times in 2010, Berlin in Gallery Cell63, Japan for Kirin in 2009,Turkey for the Istanbul Biennial as a beside Biennial artists and he performed in Moscow for the biennial.
Attanasio collaborates in London with Trespass magazine, Undiscovered artists (from the college of Communication-London), Goldsmiths College, Frieze art fair (displaying a Painting for a project by Brina Thurston), The Foundry and Isis School of English.
Attanasio is also a poet and dancer, inspired by travelling, body weather, lines and surfaces. He works on a series of performances called “Diagramer” which he performed in “48h Neuk├Âlln” in June 2010 in Berlin. His sculpture-dress and performance “Umbrella-project” was shown in Milan and got invited to “Ostrale” Dresden in September 2010 performing a collaborative work with the artist Johanne Timm under the name of Actionentropy.
“Actionentropy” was founded by Riccardo and the dancer/choreographer Johanne Timm in 2010 in Berlin and researches new art and performance. The first performance project “Insights” was invited to the Ostrale Dresden and to the International Biennial Moscow in July2010.

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